The Luxury Education Foundation, established in 2004, is a public, not-for-profit organization focused on nurturing future business leaders and fostering meaningful exchanges between like-minded CEOs, leading executives, and talent through global, qualitative, interdisciplinary programs.

We focus on platforms that foster multi-disciplinary collaboration with varying skill sets that may be applied to any industry. From the classroom to the C-Suite, we aim to help our community of students, alumni and senior executives navigate their careers and advance their companies in today’s fast-changing business environment.

 Since 2005, LEF has cultivated an exclusive partnership with Columbia Business School and Parsons Schools of Design; and has added Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2013. Through our 16 programs, over 600 students globally have gained a unique insight to launch their professional journey. Around 50 CEOs have participated in LEF programs, accessing both their peers as well as bright young minds to brainstorm on their industries’ common challenges.

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