LEF launched its Alumni Programs in Fall 2015 as the foundation realized it now had a growing number of alumni who were longing for the opportunities that LEF offered them as students to be mentored by senior executives, network between peers of different backgrounds, as well as their desire to give back to current students.


LEF Alumni Programs are developed with the goal of creating opportunities for our Alumni to continue to mentor, network and connect through social media amongst a growing community of LEF Alumni as well as current LEF students. Program offerings include connecting Alumni through closed LinkedIn and Facebook Groups to communicate with one another, mentoring breakfasts comprised of Alumni Think Tank Series and Student Think Tank Series to share industry knowledge, executive breakfasts for Alumni to interact with the Advisory Board as well as breakfast meetings for Alumni to mentor current students and lastly networking events such as the Alumni Networking Event to connect LEF Alumni, soon to be LEF graduates and the Advisory Board in the luxury industry.

LEF Alumni Mentoring Programs Include:

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Think Tank Series

  • Student Think Tank Series: Parsons and CBS Alumni meet to discuss a specific topic with a group of current students from both schools. Attendance around 15 students lead by 2-3 Alumni
  • Alumni Think Tank Series: LEF Alumni to discuss a specific topic related to best practices in the industry. Attendance around 10 Alumni and lead by 2-3 Alumni along with a guest speaker relevant to the topic
  • International Think tank series: focus on a relevant topic pertaining to the Luxury industry that is discussed with a panel of 2-3 leading executives and lead by LEF Alumni

CEO Executive Breakfast Series with Alumni

  • CEOs and or Senior Executives meet with Alumni to provide mentoring and career advice.

Executive Alumni Events

  • Mini Brainstorming sessions for small groups of 8 to 10 Alumni in Hong Kong with senior executives to network, learn and discuss important industry topics in a small, intimate setting.

Video Skype Conferences

  • NYC based Advisory Board executives and Alumni in Asia, Europe and America engage in talk series luxury industry topics with alums abroad. We focus on connection and conversation to strengthen our network globally so that everyone involved in LEF has access

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LEF Social Media:

The LEF Alumni Council organized an outreach strategy via social media to create an LEF Alumni online community through two groups: Alumni Facebook Group and Alumni LinkedIn Group. In coordinating these groups, LEF hopes to engage Alumni in an open forum to network as a community as well as be updated on LEF Alumni programs. Since launching around 130 alumni have joined the Facebook Group and close to 140 alumni have joined the LinkedIn Group. We encourage Alumni to join these groups, post about job opportunities or interesting news in the industry and to connect with their peers. LEF also utilizes the social media groups to keep Alumni informed of all LEF related events and programs

LEF Alumni Networking Events:

The LEF Alumni Council hosted its fourth Annual LEF Alumni Networking Event on April 10th, 2019 at Cartier. The event was graciously hosted by Cartier with cocktails generously donated by Remy Cointreau. The event was attend by LEF Alumni, LEF Advisory Board members and luxury industry leaders. The program featured a panel discussion on “Second Hand Luxury: brand dilutor or recruitment tool?” featuring Maya Ahluwalia from Lalique, Leah Goldblatt from the Real Real and Sofia Karvela from Le Board. The panel discussion was moderated by LEF Alumni Council Member, Simone Goer.