Remy Cointreau

Company History
Terroir, People and Time: A love of our terroirs and the mastery of time that have always been at the heart of our expertise. It is up to each and every one of us to bring this link to life, connecting land, people and time. 


The Challenge
What would it take for a dark spirit loving, finance and banking community member to order or buy Rémy Martin XO instead of its competitors?


Concept Proposal
Remy Martin XO is the #1 Cognac in its price segment and an undisputed classic in luxury spirits. However, currently our volume is sourced from a finite loyal consumer group and we would like to extend the brand to new consumers. Ultimately, we want Remy Martin XO to be seen as a viable alternative when people are looking to premiumize in dark spirits against brands like Johnnie Walker Blue Label and The Macallan 18. Especially, the brand, just like the Cognac category overall, lacks in awareness and relevance with the high-spending, dark spirit loving, finance and banking community (target age range 30s). . What would it take for these people to order or buy Remy Martin XO instead of those brands? Students are asked to develop insights into the target – what drives their status and their choices for luxury purchases, what are the everyday occasions and greater milestones in their lives, what are their media behaviors and consumption – and to develop a tactical commercial plan to increase the relevance and desirability of the brand in their lives. The plan should leverage research, creativity and design to unlock current issues and solutions in the on-premise (bars and dining), retail, e-commerce, media and digital engagement, gifting, and packaging.


The Team
Lauren Atkins, Parsons School of Design
Estephania Holsteinson, Parsons School of Design
Silmi Jariwalla, Parsons School of Design
Ashia Johnson, Columbia Business School
Rafael Camargo Lopes, Columbia Business School
Francesca Neptune, Columbia Business School
Michelle Repak, Columbia Business School
Keegan Strouse, Parsons School of Design