Mr&Mrs Italy 

"Building an Omni Channel approach in the US market”


Company History
Mr. & Mrs. Italy interprets iconic garments with Italian flair, creating unique, high-end fashion items cherished worldwide. At the base of Mr. & Mrs. Italy’s success is the capability to continuously research and identify garments with a strong tradition and a rich history. Items are transformed into unique, fashionable pieces using handcrafted materials, often exclusive for the brand as well as sophisticated coloring and finishing techniques. All items are 100% made in Italy.  


The Challenge
This project has the objective to ensure that Mr&Mrs. Italy's entrance in the US market is correctly supported by an Omni channel approach. I.e. ensuring that Mr&Mrs. Italy customers are living the same EXPERIENCE, throughout all physical and digital channels.


Concept Proposal
Market studies show that clients are more and more reaching and getting information on Brands through different channels. These clients tend to be higher spenders and more loyal if compared to ‘mono-channel’ clients. Correctly communicating and providing additional services, with these clients can be a real deal breaker.

Being effective and up-to-date in the fast changing digital environment is crucial for success. On this topic, non-luxury retailers are very much ahead. As they are exploring new aggressive approaches to provide always new experiences and services to their customers (e.g. new Amazon-go shopping experience).


The Team
Lexi Hill, Columbia Business School
Raphaelle King-Houis, Columbia Business School
Caroline Levere, Columbia Business School
Paul Pastore, Parsons School of Design
Karina Rodriguez, Parsons School of Design
Khaola Siddiqi, Columbia Business School
Cathy Tang, Parsons School of Design