“#MaclarenMoments: A Unique Pop-up Experience in China”

Company History
Maclaren was founded in rural England in 1965 by Owen Maclaren, a world-famous former test pilot and engineer. Inspired by the needs his daughter, he adapted his aeronautical invention of folding landing gear to create the world’s first folding stroller, the Baby Buggy® . Not only was it the smallest and lightest stroller ever developed, but its ease of use and “5 second” umbrella-fold design proved to forever change the world of baby transportation. Despite the brand’s undisputed track record of innovation and growth, the principles of Owen Maclaren’s patented design have remained essentially unchanged. Today, Maclaren is the only brand in the market with both a “Zero Tolerance” policy for anything that compromises safety, and a single “Global Standard” of safety guaranteed for all of its products. As a global leader, Maclaren continues to leverage its origins in aviation, innovation, and luxury to set the standards across the industry.


The Challenge
While Maclaren has experienced growth at a global scale, it seeks to increase its brand awareness and market share in China, and specifically with the new millennial customer segment. The project objective was to develop a
comprehensive mobile retail concept and associated strategies that the brand could implement to directly
communicate its core values, promote customer acquisition, and build customer relationships that extend far beyond the point of sale.


“#MaclarenMoments: A Unique Pop-up Experience in China”
An eight student team from Parsons and Columbia Business School came together to address this challenge. Initially, the team performed an analysis of the Maclaren’s target consumer and touch points across digital and physical channels; surveyed the international experiential and event marketing landscapes; and conducted further research of the luxury retail and parenting industries within the Chinese market. Consumer interviews and mystery shopping allowed the team to further understand the target demographic’s perceptions towards the stroller industry, key drivers of purchasing behavior, and desires within the space- and, consequently, the key areas of opportunity for Maclaren within China. The team leveraged these insights to develop the #MaclarenMoments pop up concept and a 360-degree influencer marketing campaign, tailored specifically for the Chinese market. The comprehensive framework encompasses the complete customer journey, from the pre-visit strategies to the pop up experience to, finally, the post-visit engagement plan. In addition to developing the design and aesthetic direction of the modular space, the team proposed unique digital solutions to create personalized and shareable experiences and events programming to further drive consumer engagement. Logistical considerations, such as pop-up location, product delivery models, marketing roll-out, and staffing were also evaluated. Collectively, these recommendations seek to communicate Maclaren’s rich heritage of innovation and offer unique experiences to the millennial Chinese consumer, positioning Maclaren as the ultimate lifestyle parenting brand both domestically and abroad.


The Team
Massimo Allevi, Columbia Business School
Valentina Beltran, Parsons The New School for Design
Sally Condori, Parsons The New School for Design
Stephanie Davis, Columbia Business School
Courtney Ercolino, Columbia Business School
Yunjoo Lee, Parsons The New School for Design
Kristen Miller, Columbia Business School
Saumya Monga, Parsons The New School for Design