LVMH Perfumes & Cosmetics

Company History
To the Magic of Dior…A name recognized and celebrated the world over…Where fashion, fragrance, makeup and skincare create a unique and powerful synergy. In 1947, the launch of his first couture collection revolutionized the fashion world with the “New Look”. Since that time, Christian Dior continued to weave his mastery into each of his creations, dressing women from head to toe in detailed fabrics, rich colors, and captivating scents. With today’s incomparable range of beauty products – from elegant and seductive fragrances to cutting-edge colors to the most advanced skincare, Dior has exceeded even its founder’s dream.


Case Study Concept
LVMH Perfumes and Cosmetics asked the students to develop a new fragrance concept for Dior, targeting the sophisticated urban woman. The project included analysis of the current market, as well as, research on the competition and global fragrance trends. This information combined with blue sky tactics were to be used to design an original perfume with its own juice, packaging, positioning, and marketing strategy.


Design, Business and Marketing Plan Solution
Starting with consumer research, analysis of the competitive landscape, and industry data, the students concluded that there were two major opportunities in the marketplace for a new Dior fragrance:

  1. An ultra high-end fragrance that created an exclusive and memorable experience for a select few
  2. A larger distribution fragrance focusing on an innovative bottle design meeting the needs of an active urban woman

After consulting with Dior on three design concepts, the client suggested further developing the ultra-luxury and large distribution concepts in tandem. The “Couture & Jewels” concept for the high-end fragrance is inspired by Dior’s past. It combines elements of couture and artistic expression with exclusive customization to create an exceptional bottle design that would serve as both a personal statement and decorative piece. More importantly, it would elevate the Dior brand in the fragrance category to the same status it already commands on the runway. The “Purely Iconic” concept focuses on innovation, modernity, and mixing to craft a unique bottle with two fragrances, one floral and the other woody; allowing the user to wear each individually or layer the scents. The target audience is a confident, sophisticated, yet feminine woman who is constantly on-the-go and needs a perfume that can keep up with the various parts of her day.

The recommended marketing strategy for the high-end concept would be to have a handwritten note from John Galliano sent to loyal Dior customers and fashion/beauty editors. The note would unveil the fragrance and request them to experience the magic for themselves in Dior stores. To attract a broader urban audience for the larger distribution concept, the marketing plan would consist of a launch party at the MOMA and targeted media placements in magazines, billboards, online, etc. A paired marketing strategy would concentrate on grabbing the attention of women on-the-go. Therefore, tactics would include building projections, transportation advertising, and “marketing at the office”. This last idea would have Dior stylists stationed in parts of office buildings where they can assist women in making the transformation from morning to night, all the while educating women on the new fragrance.

The team’s accomplishment was largely due to the strong partnership between Parsons and Columbia Business School students. Their integrative and encouraging work style allowed them to leverage the diverse skill sets of both groups in order to deliver a high-quality product to the client. The main benefit of this project was that students were able to witness how the combination of design talent and business knowledge can bring success in the luxury space.


The Dior Project Team

Aparna Desai, Columbia Business School
Matteo Del Vecchio, Columbia Business School
Lesley Elliott, Columbia Business School
Ying-Ping Kung, Columbia Business School
Liz Cebron, Parsons The New School for Design Olivia Jezler, Parsons The New School for Design
Jiashan Wu, Parsons The New School for Design