Company Profile
Since 1854, Louis Vuitton has brought an uncompromising passion for luxury and quality to its customers. Today, the brand that began with the journey of its founder and namesake, Louis Vuitton, inspires the life journey of men and women around the world. From belts and wallets to the ready-to-wear collection to custom-made pieces, every handcrafted article emphasizes the company’s position as a leading international luxury brand.


Case Study
The objective given to the team was to design a men’s store concept for New York City that would leverage the history, craftsmanship, and innovation of the Louis Vuitton brand. The men’s business is currently one of the fastest growing for the company, and the men’s store concept was targeted to capitalize on this growth by connecting current and potential customers to more elements of the brand and enhancing Louis Vuitton’s long heritage and strong equity.


Design, Business, and Marketing Solution
In fulfilling the project objective, the team employed a range of business, marketing, and design strategies, including consumer research, competitor analysis, and concept visualization. Combined with extensive research about the company’s history and brand, the team reached a final proposal for a cutting-edge store concept and location in the heart of New York City’s shopping world.

After considering both competitors’ city footprints and the shopping patterns of male customers—the target segment for the new store—the team determined that SoHo would be an ideal location for the new store launch. As an established shopping destination, SoHo provides steady shopping traffic and the perfect backdrop for a store that will generate significant buzz.

The SoHo store concept emphasizes key themes that were revealed through the team’s analysis, and consumer research: History, Craftsmanship, Innovation, Technology, and Aspiration. In particular, the store draws on Louis Vuitton’s rich history in sport and sailing, incorporating nautical themes into a bow-shaped shoe deck and nautical-themed horlogerie. These, together with other elements of the store design, exhibits, décor, and product offering connect consumers with the key components of the Louis Vuitton brand in an innovative way.


The Louis Vuitton Team
Sivan Einstein, Columbia Business School
Wesley Flamer-Binion, Columbia Business School
Jonathan Gazdak, Columbia Business School
Mary Martin, Columbia Business School
Francisco Staton, Columbia Business School
Andrew Chen, The New School for Design
Annie Fair, The New School for Design
Alexander Liang, The New School for Design
Rachel Liu, The New School for Design
Caleb Park, The New School for Design