Company History
Loro Piana operates in the luxury goods industry making uncompromised quality its mission and offering a complete selection of ready-to-wear, accessories and gifts that are made in Italy with the finest raw materials available around the world. It reaches its most exigent customers through a global retail network of directly operated stores on the most exclusive shopping streets, on loropiana.com and in a very select number of specialty stores. Loro Piana boasts six generations of experience in the production of top-end textiles and continues to be an industry leader. This vertical integration is the best guarantee to access research, the best raw materials and for the control of the manufacturing processes, which together with the aspiration of maximum quality and the ability to meld trailblazing technology with the Italian artisanal and sartorial tradition, make Loro Piana a brand of reference in the luxury goods market.


The Challenge
Over the past 12 years, Loro Piana has experienced tremendous growth across the world. As an additional service for the brand’s loyal customers, Loro Piana has created a beautiful website, Loropiana.com. Enriched with various product and brand content, the company seeks to further integrate this new platform with the existing retail network. As the team began exploring this first challenge, questions arose, such as: How can Loro Piana incorporate digital interfaces in existing stores? What digital strategy should Loro Piana pursue in stores? What are the best practices in the industry? By examining industry leaders and closely studying the Madison store experience, the team was able to provide recommendations and renderings of various potential in-store digital experiences. The second challenge required the development of a hybrid retail concept, which would consist of a smaller storefront that would heavily rely on the e-shop to showcase and sell items. These two challenges required both technical examination and creative input from both the Parsons and CBS team.


Pop-Up Store Concept
The Loro Piana pop-up store concept is a fun and exciting environment that has been designed to delightfully surprise customers, and help further integrate the digital experience into the store environment. After closely studying the current store formats at Madison Avenue and Manhasset, the team worked to find a unique resort market that would resonate with the brand. Once a location was established, the team developed a playful concept that revolved around the entire lifestyle of the Loro Piana customer – from the home and outdoors, to the time spent with friends and family. By walking through the various areas of the store and interacting with advances digital displays in unique situations, customers would be able to discover and learn about Loro Piana’s products and heritage while being introduced to a new and exciting way of engaging with the brand.


Team Loro Piana
Marjorie Condoris, Columbia Business School
Gerardo Leon, London Business School, Columbia Business School (Exchange)
Melissa Michelle Mackay, Columbia Business School
Briana Edwards, Parsons The New School for Design
Jack Hu, Parsons The New School for Design
Joyce Chin, Parsons The New School for Design