Company History
For six generations, Loro Piana has supplied the finest cashmere and wool fabrics to the most sophisticated and discerning clients. For more than 20 years this storied Italian brand has pursued the same tradition of excellence through their own exclusive lines for men, women, and children, along with home furnishings, accessories, and gifts. Loro Piana is the ultimate symbol of history and quality, and is world-renown as the supplier of the finest hand-made goods and textiles in the luxury industry.

The Challenge
Though Loro Piana is known for its fine wool and cashmere products, it is a relative newcomer in the leather goods space. The project objective was to capitalize on this growth opportunity in leather goods, by developing Loro Piana Leather Goods for potential categories such as Home, Travel, and Sport. As a team of four students from Parsons School of Design and 4 MBA students at Columbia Business School, we decided to pursue understanding the brief through the concept of family. We used our model of the “Loro Piana Family” to target the emerging market of millennial luxury customers, as well as the aspirational customer who has yet to unlock the brand. We then utilized a strategy of youthful, whimsical, and tech-savvy design to introduce a new line of products that highlights leather goods, as well as an interactive launch event to educate potential clients. Furthermore, Loro Piana aimed to offer products that could appeal to a wider and younger customer base, so therefore we strategically introduced small leather goods with more accessible price points. Ultimately our innovative products and engaging event will build brand awareness, drive traffic, and increase customer acquisition amongst a younger segment.

#UnlockLP”: Tech and Personalization in Leather Goods

The team was challenged with the development of innovative leather products with a sense of whimsy and irony, while being beautiful, functional, and mixed media. Inspired by the everyday moments of the modern Loro Piana client’s life, the team focused on the themes of “tech” and “personalization.”

We sought to create products that would elevate the items are client uses every day, while incorporating technology and the potential to express one’s unique sense of style. These include an imaginative line of a power bank device charger, headphones, key chain with GPS tracker, and leather “stickers”. To launch the products, the team developed a strategy and set of in-store and digital tactics to connect with the “plugged-in” customer, centered around the theme “#UnlockLP.” This digital marketing strategy evokes the wonder of a new generation unlocking Loro Piana for the first time, while using technology and social media influences to generate awareness both in-store and online.

Team Loro Piana

– Maggie Cavaliere, Parsons School of Design, BBA
– Saif Latif, Parsons School of Design, BFA
– Dijun Wang, Parsons School of Design, BFA
– Eunice Yee, Parsons School of Design, BFA
– Ceren Baseren, Columbia Business School, MBA
– Roberta Donzelli, Columbia Business School, MBA
– Alexandra Ebling, Columbia Business School, MBA