Noah Castelo (CBS),Travis Tae Oh (CBS), Alice Mueller (Parsons), & Siah Seong (Parsons), 

The Luxury Education Foundation is proud to present the 2017 LEF Scholarship Awards to Noah Castelo and Travis Tae Oh of Columbia Business School, and Alice Mueller and Somin "Siah" Seong of Parsons School of Design. The Scholarship Program at LEF was established to be the source of annual honorary scholarships, awarded to students at Columbia Business School and Parsons who have exhibited an extraordinary level of leadership and innovation in their work and whose accomplishments are a testament to their commitment and talent in their fields.

Scholarship recipients Castelo, Oh, Mueller, and Seong, all received awards from Lalique, the official award purveyor of The Luxury Education Foundation Scholarship. This year, we are delighted to present the recipients with a LALIQUE Nyctal owl sculpture. Crafted in LALIQUE's signature satin-finished crystal, the owl symbolizes the knowledge and wisdom represented by the Luxury Education Foundation community. Each paperweight is engraved with the recipients name marking this special recognition.

Columbia Business School Recipients:

We would like to congratulate Noah Castelo on receiving this scholarship.  His research is focused on artificial intelligence and robotics, and how these technologies are changing consumption experiences in retail, hospitality, and home settings.

We would also like to congratulate Travis Tae Oh on receiving this scholarship. Travis's dissertation in-progress looks into the phenomenon of "having fun" and fun brand experiences, focusing on the underlying psychological determinants of fun.

Parsons School of Design Recipients:

We would like to congratulate Alice Mueller this year's School of Fashion LEF Scholar.   As a BAFA student studying Fashion at Parsons, Alice has proven to be one of the top performing students, and she is also a participant in the Master Class on the Lalique team, and you’ll soon discover how amazing this team is!

We would also like to congratulate Siah Seong, a student in the School of Design Strategies.  She is an exceptional student, exhibits rigor, professionalism, and innovation in all her endeavors.  Siah just finished an immersive full time internship with Hugo Boss at their headquarters in Germany where she explored how the brand might take substantive steps toward greater sustainability.