Khaled Boughanmi (CBS),Rachel Meng (CBS), Drishti Gangwani (Parsons), & Faris Mourad (Parsons)

The Luxury Education Foundation is proud to present the 2016 LEF Scholarship Awards to Khaled Boughanmi and Rachel Meng of Columbia Business School, and Drishti Gangwani and Faris Mourad of Parsons School of Design. The Scholarship Program at LEF was established to be the source of annual honorary scholarships, awarded to students at Columbia Business School and Parsons who have exhibited an extraordinary level of leadership and innovation in their work and whose accomplishments are a testament to their commitment and talent in their fields.

Scholarship recipients Boughanmi, Meng, Gangwani, and Mourad, all received awards from Lalique, the official award purveyor of The Luxury Education Foundation Scholarship. This year, the recipients received Lalique’s Clear Heart Paperweight fashioned using Lalique crystal. The gift symbolizes the heart and soul of luxury brands: the craftsmanship and passion that goes into creating every piece. Each paperweight is engraved with the recipients’ name marking this special recognition.


Columbia Business School Recipients:

We would like to congratulate Khaled Boughanmi on receiving this scholarship. His research focuses on modeling how consumers make choices from a choice set of alternatives. He has developed generalized choice models that are capable of accommodating many different types of context effects. In the case of consumer choices over luxury goods, context effects are of paramount importance as marketers of luxury goods often create marketing contexts where the luxurious attributes of one alternative can impact the evaluation of other alternatives in the same context.

We would also like to congratulate Rachel Meng on receiving this scholarship. Her research investigates the motivating effects of monetary compared to nonmonetary (e.g., luxury) rewards in changing people’s choices, performance, and behavior. She also examines consumers with excessive self-control who often under-indulge in their purchases and consumption of luxuries and hedonic products. In particular, this work focuses on the development of incentive programs that can help such individuals counteract their self-deprivation as well as marketers of luxury goods and services who wish to appeal to these consumers.


Parsons School of Design Recipients:

We would like to congratulate Drishti Gangwani this year’s School of Fashion LEF Scholar. Drishti provided a great depth of research and insights in this year’s Master Class as part of the Audemars Piguet Team. In her undergraduate courses, she has shown the ability to transfer her talents in fashion design to strategic thinking within the luxury landscape.

We would also like to congratulate Faris Mourad this year’s School of Design Strategies LEF Scholar, who has demonstrated excellence in collaborative practices, rigor, and poise in this year’s Master Class, on the Departure’s team. With a major in Strategic Design & Management, and a minor in Economics, Faris has modeled the way design and business can come together within his own educational pursuits.