Isaac Dinner (CBS) and Jonathan Zhang (CBS)

The Luxury Education Foundation is delighted to present PhD candidates Isaac Dinner and Jonathan Zhang of Columbia Business School with the first annual Luxury Education Foundation scholarships. Both Dinner and Zhang were rewarded with a LEF-sponsored scholarship to fund the 5th year of their PhD program.

Dinner holds a BS in Mathematics from MIT and an MA in Statistics from Columbia University. His primary research interests lie in understanding the valuation of firm marketing strategies. He is currently undertaking empirical research to understand how marketing investments are appreciated by the stock market, the value of non-financial marketing communications, the role of brand strategy in mergers and how social networks influence startup success. Zhang is a 5th year doctoral student and is undertaking research in B2B (business-to-business) pricing. Zhang has a Bachelor of Arts from Rutgers University and a Master of Philosophy from Columbia University. His future dissertation is titled “Dynamic Targeted Pricing in B2B”, where he aims to develop an integrated pricing framework to help B2B firms maximize long-term profitability.

Kamel Jedidi, John A. Howard Professor of Business, Marketing at Columbia Business School described the winners’ qualifications. “Both Isaac Dinner and Jonathan Zhang are becoming leaders in the field. Not only do they have job prospects after graduation, they have exhibited leadership and innovation in their thesis and research work and are well-equipped to defend their proposals in the near future.”

Barbara Cirkva, Chairperson of LEF and Division President of Fashion, Watches, and Fine Jewelry at Chanel said, “The Luxury Education Foundation is delighted to be able to support such talented candidates in their research. We look forward to seeing their accomplishments in the future.”

Both Dinner and Zhang received awards from Lalique, the official award purveyor of “The Luxury Education Foundation Scholarship.” The recipients received Lalique’s crystal Vibration Box, which was inspired by Origami, the Japanese art of folding.