Company History
For over a century, the name LALIQUE has been synonymous with luxury, craftsmanship and artistry. Internationally recognized for creating crystal objects d’art, jewelry, watches, leather accessories and perfume, Lalique is dedicated to design excellence and to creating products of the highest quality.


Case Study Concept
Students must take a piece of LALIQUE crystal and a classic piece of LALIQUE jewelry and change their perceptions. Without changing the design, students must create an effective and complete communications strategy to inject new life into these pieces and give them soul.


Design, Business and Marketing Plan Solution
The Lalique project team was given a target audience of 20-35 year old, fashion forward, trendy, females and males that enjoy accessorizing and socializing. The team saw an opportunity in this segment by introducing Lalique products that appeal to a younger audience while still staying true to Lalique’s unique brand and history. Students propose the company produce limited edition cell phone and I-pod charms based upon their classic jewelry pieces that appeal to the ‘fun in you’ and also look to their renowned crystal designs for a new hip line of barware for the ‘cool in you.’ Launch events will take place at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and the famed Oviatt building in Los Angeles in the spring and fall. Throughout this process, the project team learned how important it is to understand the underlying mystique and character of the brand and how to stay true to it through design.


The LALIQUE Project Team
Linda Chou, Parsons School of Design
Andrew Goldberg, Columbia Business School
Kay Kapoor, Columbia Business School
Hayan Kim, Parsons School of Design
Tatiana Kostanian, Parsons School of Design
Piya Nair, Columbia Business School
Cynthia Schmieder, Columbia Business School