Company History
Hermès was founded in 1837 when Thierry Hermès, great-great grandfather of Jean-Louis Dumas-Hermès, now chairman of Hermès, established a harness shop at 18 Rue Basse du Rempart. Fundamental to the development of the company, the personal relationship between patron and House has been the guiding principal of its expansion.


Case Study Concept
Students will present a strategy and an action plan that can be implemented at the Hermès store level. While focusing on “exceptional service for an exceptional product”, students must create a strong, relevant message that allows Hermès to stand above its competition by positively conveying to its clients, “this House is different and we want to do business with you”. Students must also focus on what matters most to Hermès: the service-oriented, relationship-building communication and interactions that build true client loyalty with an understanding what the client views as their service priority.


Design, Business and Marketing Plan Solution
The goal for the Hermès case team was to design solutions that would make client service a top-priority at Hermès – consistent with its vision, culture, and commitment to excellence. The case team developed solutions in three main areas during the course of the project. First, students focused on development of comprehensive client service standards which would provide a standard by which all client service at Hermès would be measured. Second, the team focused on creating several client service feedback mechanisms that would enable Hermès to measure and manage adherence to these client service standards. Third, the team was able to provide suggestions for improved usage of Customer Relationship Management system designed to bring Hermès closer to its client base.


The Hermès Project Team
Sewit Ahderom, Columbia Business
Shargari Guity, Parsons School of Design
Jason Thompson, Columbia Business School