Company History
The first customer for a Hermès design was a horse and the first design was a harness. That was in 1837 when Thierry Hermès, great-great grandfather of Jean-Louis Dumas, who until recently was Chairman of Hermès International, established a harness shop at 18 Rue Basse du Rempart. His business was wholesale, selling harnesses to the great coachbuilders of the Champs Elysées. Fundamental to the development of the company, the personal relationship between patron and House has been the guiding principal of its expansion.


Case Study
The objective is to strategically design a marketing campaign and launch the very first Hermès Boutique for Men. This project is unique in that, as a Parisian-based company, the very first Boutique for Men is being launched in New York City.


Design, Business, and Marketing Plan Solution
In order to identify the most effective marketing strategy and launch campaign, the project team conducted extensive market research studies.

  • Utilized various research tools (i.e. survey, secret shopper, competitive analysis, etc.) to identify and understand target and potential markets, and assess brand image
  • Explored multiple channels to reach existing and potential market segments to maximize the launch

With the following focus and objectives in mind, we developed a strategy that will lead to a unique, successful and memorable boutique launch for Hermès:

  • Develop a campaign to support the launch of the new Hermès Boutique for Men
  • Generate excitement and desire around the launch of the Hermès Boutique for Men
    • A series of web banners featuring the ‘Hermès Man’ using typical NYC modes of transportation to make his way to the new boutique for men at Madison and 62nd street.
  • Recommend an in-store experience to enhance the current relationship between Hermès and their customers
    • Boutiques will set aside scarves and ties for customers to freely touch, try on and discover different ways of wearing. These scarves and ties will not be sold but rather reserved for in store use.
  • Generate new product ideas that capture the uniqueness of Hermès and NYC
    • A messenger bag for the urban man that will be sold exclusively in the boutique for men in NYC. The bag will feature different options for silk lining using patterns from artwork created by local artists.
  • Plan the boutique launch event to celebrates the first Hermès Boutique for Men
    • An exciting and sexy escape to the world of Hermès in the middle of Madison Avenue


The Hermès Project Team – Columbia Executive MBA Program
Julie Dao, Columbia Business School
Yoonsun Kang, Columbia Business School
David Legziel, Columbia Business School
Jessica Lin, Columbia Business School
Jenny Rush, Columbia Business School
Sourabh Singhal, Columbia Business School
Dana Snyde, Columbia Business School
Kirti Srikant, Columbia Business School