“Forever Now – MTO/MTM Re-launch”

Company History
“Forever Now” is a philosophy that represents the enduring legacy of the Gucci brand: past, present and future. It also symbolizes the unique duality of the brand, blending the history and tradition of a 90 year old Italian luxury house with the modern design and innovation of a leading fashion brand.


The Challenge
The objective of this study is to increase U.S. male customer awareness and understanding of Gucci as a sartorial suiting brand through the re-launch of the Made-to-Order/ Made-to-Measure program. During the first company meeting, the team learned about the various cuts, construction, and fabrics of Gucci suits and the brand’s history and heritage. Through many DOS and department store visits, customer and associate interviews and a market survey, the team was able to develop a marketing strategy focused on education in order to reach this male consumer. The team also felt that it was important to develop a strong identity around the MTO/MTM program in order to appeal to a wider audience.


“Introducing: The Trunk”
Our vision, the Trunk, is a digital platform that allows men to experience Gucci through a variety of style icons. Trunk users select a style icon they identify with and preview the brand’s collections through the icons’ styling preferences. The goal of the Trunk is to create an engaging and personalized space in which men can educate themselves on the brand’s offerings. Throughout the semester, the team studied customization techniques from both inside and outside of fashion and used research-generated insights in order to design the Trunk. Content of the Trunk was developed as a result of key insights gleaned through in-depth market research.

In order to bring awareness to the Trunk, the team developed a guerilla marketing campaign aimed at tapping into the existing social networks of local influencers. By using celebrity and real life influencers and a series of creative events, the campaign will generate incremental awareness of the Trunk. The team also suggested a men’s flagship store that would provide a comfortable and masculine shopping experience for men. The sales associate will provide the appropriate amount of attention as men shop for accessories, ready-to-wear, or sartorial suiting. While the Trunk is the center of the team’s proposal, the team was careful to consider the entire journey of a new, or returning suiting customer, from initial interaction to post-purchase service.


The Team
Preethi Bapna, Columbia Business School
Lea Guberina-Sulc, Columbia Business School
Hitomi Okamoto, Columbia Business School
Peter Skeadas, Columbia Business School
Chloe Bensahel, Parsons the New School for Design
Neha Bhatia, Parsons the New School for Design
Elie Kahwagi, Parsons the New School for Design
Krisztina Matyi, Parsons the New School for Design