Company Profile
The House of Graff is synonymous with the most fabulous jewels in the world. The name symbolizes rarity, beauty, excellence and, above all, the best quality, craftsmanship and diamonds. A diamond company extraordinaire, Graff produces polished diamonds from the rough sourced from mines around the world, making it one of the world’s leading diamond companies. Laurence Graff, Founder and Chairman, believes that a jewel is not only a symbol of wealth, but also the ultimate gift of love.

Graff is a “true diamond company” – a vertically integrated company from, as Mr. Graff explains, “the mine through to the ladies wearing the jewels.” Graff is one of the largest producers in South Africa, where thousands of carats of rough diamonds are cut and polished by a team of over 300 in their diamond cutting facility in Johannesburg. All Graff jewels are made by hand in the Graff workshops, from the creation of the design to the immaculate setting.

Graff is a top global diamond jewelry brand with over 30 Graff stores worldwide and corporate offices in London, New York and Geneva. In the last two years, new flagship stores have opened in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Geneva, Dubai, New York and Moscow. There will be further expansion in 2009 with flagships opening in Shanghai and St. Petersburg.


The Challenge
The Graff project team was tasked with developing a concept for Graff’s first fragrance, including positioning, juice, packaging, and marketing strategies. The challenge was creating a unique and distinctive signature fragrance that embodies and builds the Graff image. The new perfume is designed for women and will be exclusive to Graff. The objective is to create a fragrance concept that is differentiated from Graff’s competitors, drives consumer awareness of the Graff brand, and inspires the target customer.


Design, Business and Marketing Plan Solution
To successfully meet the project objectives, the team pursued the following concept development strategy: Step 1: Fully understand the Graff Brand Identity; Step 2: Research the competitive landscape, industry, and Graff target customer; Step 3: Develop a compelling and inspiring central theme and positioning for the product; Step 4: Generate concepts for name, scent, packaging, advertising, and marketing

Through client interviews and immersion in the Graff retail experience and brand advertising, the team has developed a product that simultaneously captures the essence of the brand and appeals to the target customer. After evaluating against industry benchmarks and best practices, we proposed 5 key concepts that not only represents the core values of the brand but is also compelling to both current and prospective Graff customers.

The new fragrance embodies the theme of ‘Romance,’ and through the name, scent, design, and marketing, we aim to bring to life a story that ignites the desires of the Graff customer. The name, Adamantas, is the Greek root of the word ‘diamond’ and conveys the indestructibility of an enduring love. The scent concept combines whimsical floral heart and top notes with a lingering musk base note. The bottle design elegantly references Graff’s excellence in jewelry design, while the exterior packaging reflects the delicate preciousness of the Graff perfume bottle, which itself, is modeled after the Graff collection. Extensive analysis into pricing and distribution has validated the earnings and profitability potential of the new perfume.

We recommend that Adamantas be launched with a flurry of excitement, energy, and extravagance. Graff is recognized for its fabulous jewels and the launch of its first, limited edition, fragrance will be no less extraordinary. Scent is a deeply emotional sense, and with the introduction of Adamantas, Graff is poised to capture the desires of its customers more completely than ever before. The proposed event is a celebration of the senses and highlights the power of scent to romance our emotions. Every element of the affair will engage the senses and imagination of the exclusive guests invited from around the world.


The Graff Project Team
Jessica Chan, Columbia Business School
Jonathan Fung, Columbia Business School
Doug Hung, Columbia Business School
Shreya Jain, Columbia Business School
Julia Pronina, Columbia Business School
Vanessa Kincaid, The New School for Design
Randy Lu, The New School for Design
Stephanie Merks, The New School for Design
Swetha Nagareddy, The New School for Design
Elya Reganyan, The New School for Design