Company Profile
Starting in 1991, Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg, co-founders of Fresh, created a line of artisanal soaps that later became a full line of lifestyle products spanning fragrance, skincare, bodycare, makeup, haircare, and home. Fresh was the first company to pioneer the use of natural ingredients such as sugar, milk, soy, and rice to create innovative, modern-day beauty products. In partnership with luxury leader LVMH, Fresh has invaluable access to decades of experience in research, development, and expertise in the global prestige market. Fresh distributes its products through sixteen company-operated stores in the US, UK, and Korea as well as finer retail stores including Barneys, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Sephora.


Case Study
The goal of this project was to create a “WOW” experience in Fresh stores and to further promote the unique stories behind many of Fresh’s leading products.


Design, Business and Marketing Plan Solution
Fresh differentiates itself in the beauty industry by having a rich history of storytelling behind the origin, development, and inspiration of each product. Our team was tasked with developing “big ideas” that could bring these stories to life inside the Fresh stores. After researching best-in-class innovations within and outside of the beauty industry, our team identified three unique big ideas that evoked the Fresh brand: 1) seasonality, 2) technology, and 3) travel. The three concepts were created to reinforce brand awareness and the promotional aspects of the stores, and we used methods including competitive analysis, mysterious customers, one-word definition, and mood boards. In collaboration with the Fresh leadership team, we moved forward with detailing selected ideas, which included 360 degrees of the customer experience such as lighting, use of color, interior design, and product promotion strategy. Ultimately, the team was able to give Fresh a set of new ideas that will contribute to the continuing improvement of brand perception, the in-store experience, and the storytelling components of its leading products.


The Fresh Team
Vince Ovlia, Columbia Business School
Mandy Tang, Columbia Business School
Angela Tsai, Columbia Business School
Marcella Sivilotti, Columbia Business School
Nicole Yoon, Columbia Business School
Ronald Au, The New School for Design
Violaine de Pourtales, The New School for Design
Lilian Dias, The New School for Design
Ran Huang, The New School for Design
Corinna Tseng, The New School for Design