“How a brand with rich history and a long established culture grows in a market where its brand understanding is lower amongst younger generations”

Company History
On February 12th 1947, Christian Dior presented his first collection, called the “New Look.” Along with his first fashion collection, Mr. Dior introduced a fragrance, Miss Dior, and eight shades of ruby red lipstick – changing the face of fashion and beauty forever. Over the past 65 years, Dior has grown to become one of the leading luxury brands worldwide.


The Challenge
Dior Beauty’s objective is to unite Dior fans in the North American market who seek to express and enhance their beauty in one community. With the creation of an engaged community of fans via an online program, Dior aims to have its current and future consumers achieve a deeper understanding of and loyalty to the brand and its values. Moreover, through the creation of the appropriate set of incentives, Dior will attain a better understanding of its customers and will be able to drive a higher percentage of its sale to the Dior website.


“Dior Has a Secret”
“Dior Has a Secret” is an initiative based on the concepts of word of mouth, community, personalized incentives, service and simplicity. The first phase of the initiative is the generation of online buzz through a viral campaign based on the mysterious secret of Dior; this will be executed through site-specific video installations and social media community engagement. The culmination of the buzz phase will be a launch event that will be held in four cities and will reveal the Dior secret: Dior’s Secret Garden. This garden will be revealed through a projection on an interactive wall made out of the signature Dior cannage. Guests will be encouraged to interact with the wall by detaching the signature boxes that compose it. Inside the mysterious box guests will find the registration link to the community’s website. This methodology of interaction and innovation in the event will create and augment our buzz campaign around the new Dior community. This community will be based on the concept of collective rewards. Collective rewards provide incentives for customers to join the program and to invite their friends to join by offering rewards based on the number of people who join the Dior community. It also has a transparent incentive structure and tracking of community size. The more people who join, the closer the whole community comes to the possibility of winning a reward. The community will have three levels to which several types of prizes can be won. The community’s website is going to have five very specific features for members only: My Profile, My Dior Friends, My Garden, My Travel Concierge, My Rewards Manager. The community will also have access to special videos and insights into the history and evolution of the Christian Dior brand.


The Team
Nadine Beolchi, Columbia Business School
Sofia Brunner, Parsons the New School for Design
Tyler Haney, Parsons the New School for Design
Rosalind Louvet, Parsons the New School for Design
Ariela Picciotto, Columbia Business School
Supriya Shah, Parsons the New School for Design
Maiko Shimazaki, Columbia Business School
Elizabeth Sovolos, Columbia Business School