Company History
Christofle was founded as an international luxury table top company in France in 1820 by Charles Christofle, a jeweler. In 1842 Charles Christofle purchased the patents to employ the process of gold and silver-plating by electrolysis. Soon, Christofle became a World Renown Silver Company and its flatware and hollowware adorned royal palaces, private homes, cruise ships and the finest restaurants and hotels.

Charles Christofle had one vision in mind that he summed in one phrase “One Quality, The Best”. Because of this vision, Christofle is able today to carry its stamp on all its products as The Best quality and be the measure of standards for silver.

In the nineties, Christofle expanded its product range to include Crystal, Linens and Porcelain and was the only successful luxury company to offer a complete tabletop Luxury Store. Today, Christofle operates about 70 Pavillon Christofle worldwide, and is sold in the finest department and specialty stores as well.


Case Study Concept
The Christofle Case Study has two components. First, research regarding what it means to be luxury in the 21st Century. Second, to prepare a marketing strategy and specific recommendations to support the company’s strategy to transition from the “Art of the Table” to the “Art of Living.”


Design, Business and Marketing Plan Solution
To accomplish these tasks the Team studied the heritage of the Christofle brand and how this translates into future positioning options for a lifestyle brand.

We present a coordinated marketing strategy that broadens the brand, remains true to current product offerings, and positions the company to extend into the luxury home and into the lives of the luxury consumer.

Specific distribution opportunities are presented that enhance this broadening of the brand while developing meaningful new revenue potential for the company.

Finally, specific recommendations for new product development are highlighted to define later stages of Christofle’s development as a lifestyle company.


The Christofle Project Team
Jeffrey Remillard, Columbia Business School
Michael Rieger, Columbia Business School
Dana Williams, Columbia Business School
Burcu Ustuner, Columbia Business School
Taiwai Lei, Columbia Business School