“Digitally Engaging Misia”

Company History
The House of Chanel, like its founder, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, is uncompromising and visionary, with a passion for excellence that assures its ongoing preeminence in the world of luxury. Dedicated to creating innovative and desirable products of the highest quality and the finest craftsmanship, the House of Chanel is in the forefront of style – a leader now and forever.


The Challenge
Chanel wants to explore unique ways to engage with their clients digitally as luxury consumers are becoming more mobile. Parsons and Columbia Business School (CBS) embarked on a study to explore opportunities to increase the online engagement of Chanel’s clients, who are passionate about the brand, by providing them an Eservice platform. We were tasked to answer the following questions: Who is the target customer segment? How do they shop and engage with their favorite brands online? How can we digitally engage with this customer segment now so that they will become lifelong customers of Chanel?


“Introducing: My Chanel for Misia”
We name the target segment group, Misia, and created an e-service platform, called My Chanel, to match her needs. Our approach consisted of several stages: an analysis of best digital practices for luxury brands across several industries, interviews with sales associates to understand their interactions with Misia, and a survey distributed to Misias in order to better understand her shopping habits. Our analysis indicated that Misia is currently using online platforms to interact with her favorite brands and that an e-service platform would be beneficial in helping to build passion and loyalty for the Chanel brand. The e-service platform is intended to offer communication tools, 24/7 access to the brand and product inspiration. A specific example of one of the services included is Misia’s closet. If Misia goes to a Chanel event, falls in love with several Chanel items and purchases them, she can put them into her digital closet for future reference and inspiration. In addition, we conducted research on various technological programs that Chanel can use to develop this platform. We are confident that these e-services will keep Misia digitally engaged with Chanel for the foreseeable future.


Team Chanel
Weiya Guan, Columbia Business School
Margaret Livits, Columbia Business School
Katherine Schlosstein, Columbia Business School
Divya Viswanathan, Columbia Business School
Nelson Lo, Parsons The New School for Design
Priyal Mehta, Parsons The New School for Design
Perry Strauss, Parsons The New School for Design