“Chanel is above all a style. Fashion passes, style remains.”

Company History
Chanel is continually on the forefront of luxury fashion, beauty and fragrance innovation. The brand transcends styles and expectations by maintaining its deep-rooted heritage.


The Challenge
2009 has been regarded as the ‘Year of Social Media.’ Chanel, the first luxury fashion brand to launch a brand-exclusive iPhone app, is seeking ways to continue innovating through their online presence. To attract new aspirational customers and excite existing, loyal customers, Parsons x CBS students stepped into the quilted shoes of ideal customers ‘Gabby,’ a young access goods customer with high connectivity, and ‘Camilla,’ a middle-aged customer attracted to leather goods and RTW. How should the brand interact with these two customers and retain Chanel’s mystique and heritage? Should avenues such as Twitter and Facebook, the presence of which was unofficial at the commencement of the project, be implemented as a way to reach the audience and ultimately encourage integration and participation with the brand?


“Let Chanel Surprise You”
Gabby will find Chanel through blog posts, Facebook status updates and tabs, as well as online articles directly or indirectly related to Chanel. She and her peers will reach ‘Cocopop,’ a concept that provides shareability of content and limited ecommerce. Cocopop itself is a time-oriented online pop-up store accessed through Facebook for limited edition access products such as a special shade of nail polish. The surprise factor will increase visitor stickiness and impulse buying. Camilla, meanwhile, will reach Chanel online and be alerted to special events, through either targeted email blasts, relevant blogs and media best suited to luxury consumption habits for affluent adults. Her motivation to visit is a monthly editorial feature as well as the chance to participate in a private online event. The central area which both Gabby and Camilla will interact will be on their Cocommunity/Blog area, where they can make comments of 140 characters that can be tweeted or used as a Facebook status update.


The Team
Jodie Chan, Parsons School of Design
Justine Lee, Parsons School of Design
Tong June Moon, Parsons School of Design
Peter Shim, Parsons School of Design
Rob Spalding, Parsons School of Design
Caitlin Gaffey, Columbia Business School
Xenia Kastorinis, Columbia Business School
Andre Le, Columbia Business School
Mireia Marrón Suárez, Columbia Business School