Company History
CHANEL, the international luxury goods company, was founded in France in 1911 by Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. Today, after nearly a century of continuous operations, CHANEL remains one of the world’s preeminent fashion businesses worldwide. Under the current design leadership of Karl Lagerfeld, the House of CHANEL remains dedicated to luxury, fashion, style and image.


Case Study
“Chanel 2012”: As Chanel looks to the near future, how will the luxury market and consumer evolve, and what will their expectations be? Chanel challenged the students from Columbia Business School and Parsons The New School of Design to envision a new Chanel experience for customers in the year 2012, embracing changing trends while remaining true to Chanel’s heritage as the ultimate house of luxury.


Design, Business, and Marketing Plan Solution
Researching Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s origins and inspirations, the team focused on Coco’s reputation as a fashion tour de force and groundbreaking cultural presence to come to some exciting possibilities for the future of luxury retail.

The steps are bold and beautiful and look to reach Chanel customers in entirely new ways. A special section on the Chanel USA website called “Chanel Channel” features video and interactive media about the fashion world and offer style advice to the newly initiated. Customers are welcomed online by chatting with stylists before they ever enter the store.

The in-store experience draws new eyes with a focus on sensory stimulation. New colors, layout, interaction with staff and merchandising appeals to the senses and maximizes customer involvement. Chanel hopes to introduce events that invite customers to learn about the craft and quality of the Chanel product, to educate and loyalize customers looking to expand their luxury purchases.

Chanel’s most exciting prospect is to offer luxury lifestyle to its most valued customers through the Rue Cambon, a private club suite situated at an Upper East Side establishment and limited to 500 members. These customers will enjoy private performances, parties, and fashion in a salon environment Coco Chanel would applaud.


The Chanel Project Team
Maloni Goss, Columbia Business School
Soyean Kim, Columbia Business School
Alessandro Savelli, Columbia Business School
Rebecca Smith, Columbia Business School
Annelise Pruitt, Parsons The New School for Design
Angela Sheng, Parsons The New School for Design
Gennie Yi, Parsons The New School for Design