Company History
Cartier, the renowned French luxury house, was founded in Paris in 1847. From Louis-Francois Cartier’s first workshop on rue Montorgueil, Cartier has grown to become the world’s most celebrated jeweler and watchmaker. Long regarded as “the king of jewelers, the jeweler of kings,” Cartier today upholds its heritage of elegance, luxury, and innovation.


Case Study Concept
The Cartier Project Team was asked to create a next-generation retail experience ranging across all points of the selling cycle.


Design, Business and Marketing Plan Solution
The team conceived a next-generation Cartier experience after careful study of world-class customer service across various industries (not only luxury hard goods) and research designed to understand not only Cartier’s specific client base but also today’s luxury customer in general. Recognizing a shift in the luxury landscape, and seeking to build upon Cartier’s legendary heritage, the team has delivered a series of experience solutions under a conceptual package known as “The New Royalty”.

The New Royalty package comprises four separate solution concepts incorporating both design and service/experience elements, each aimed at emphasizing Cartier’s luxury client experience, strengthening customer loyalty, compounding Cartier’s heritage and brand message, and improving cross-selling between different product lines.

The “Cartier Bridal Experience” concept aims to raise awareness for Cartier bridal products, attract new customers through value added services (ex. “Proposal Concierge” and “Bridal Brunches”), and convert engagement-ring clients to Cartier loyalists.

The “Client Service Area” is a display, floorplan and service concept aimed at reinventing the customer service department.

The “Watch Bar” is an innovative display and floorplan concept for the watch department.

The “Cartier New Owner Event” is an annual after-work cocktail event whose first launch will be held at the Cartier mansion.


The Cartier Project Team
Andrew Klug, Columbia Business School
Marykate Meehan, Columbia Business School
Kelly Miksa, Columbia Business School
Laila Shetty, Columbia Business School
Courtnay Thomas, Columbia Business School
Rachel Vassak, Columbia Business School
Eloise Kordaris, Parsons The New School for Design
Angela Yeajin Lee, Parsons The New School for Design
Chloe Thevenoz, Parsons The New School for Design