Company History
Cartier was founded in Paris in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier and grown into a worldwide luxury jewelry and watch house by his grandsons Pierre, Louis and Jacques. In 1904, Cartier received its first royal warrant as official jewelry purveyor to King Edward VII of England who named Cartier “Jeweler of Kings, Kings of Jewelers.” Cartier’s iconic watches include the world’s first modern wristwatch designed for Brazilian aviator, Alberto Santos Dumont (1904) and the Tank watch (1917), both born out of passion, determination and a pioneering spirit that propelled watchmaking into a modern era. Today, Cartier continues to be driven by these same values and dedicated to craftsmanship, creativity and innovation. Part of the Richemont Group, Cartier NA is led by Mercedes Abramo who was named President and CEO in 2014.


The Challenge
The offer aims at targeting female millennials and Gen Z (20’s) with design, functions and pricing in-line with the target.


Concept Proposal
In an effort to connect with and recruit the next generation of Cartier clients, Cartier North America will be launching a North America exclusive offer of edgy jewelry with functionalities currently not available in our collection.

The objectives of the project will be broken down into 2 main axis:

Short-term: The first one will be about building up a creative and relevant launch plan to target the millennials with that offer. This includes communication, distribution and all possible angles to make this launch a success.

Mid-Long term: The second one will be about what come to come next, what Cartier would need to appeal to the next gen in terms of offer (Any kind of Jewelry functions), in terms of communication, in terms of shopping experience, etc…  


The Team
Zara Ahmed, Columbia Business School
Kalina Yingnan Deng, Parsons School of Design
Allison Minogue, Columbia Business School
Gayatri Thaper, Parsons School of Design
Francesca Wang, Parsons School of Design
Michelle Yeboah, Columbia Business School
Yari Yook, Columbia Business School
Pei Jingqiu Zhang, Parsons School of Design