“Digital Innovation in the Bridal Category”

Company History
Cartier was founded in Paris in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier when he took over the workshop of his master. It has a long history of serving royalty and distinguished persons. Today, Cartier is luxury jewelry and watch manufacturer and retailer with over 200 stores in 125 countries and four emblematic boutiques worldwide.


The Challenge
Cartier seeks to gain market share of the highly competitive Bridal business in North America. The objective of the case study is to propose innovative yet achievable marketing tactics, with an emphasis on digital properties through the development of a digital application, to achieve the goal set forth above. In order to do so, Parsons, the New School for Design and Columbia Business School embarked on a study of the North American bridal market with a focus on consumer behavior throughout the buying process. Who is the target audience for Cartier Engagement Rings? Where and how do they go about buying a ring? How are their purchases influenced? There were many questions facing the cross-program team.


“The Cartier Bridal App”
The Cartier Bridal app is the newest bridal application aimed at providing a mix of useful information and whimsy to the North American Market while remaining true to the Cartier strategy and aesthetic. The team conducted extensive research on the interrelationship between luxury brands and the digital space as well as a full competitive analysis. This was followed by market research to understand the motivation behind the engagement ring purchase through focus groups and surveys to understand customer behavior in the Cartier target market. The team used this research to present to Cartier several unique ways to enhance Cartier’s digital presence through a digital app that would ensure that the entire process from researching and purchasing the ring to the proposal is done in the “Cartier way”. The purpose of the app is to connect existing Cartier customers to the brand and continue to give them unique experiences while also capturing new clients who may be interacting with the brand for the first time. A 360 marketing strategy was developed for the bridal division of the brand, focusing on the marketing efforts around launching the application which will be an integral component of marketing Cartier bridal once launched.


The Team
Mary Tomer, Columbia Business School
Sophia Blaquier, Columbia Business School
Kimberly Frye, Columbia Business School
Jessica Swiatlo, Columbia Business School
Joshua Inman, Parsons The New School for Design
Nicholas Lewis, Parsons The New School for Design
Ashley Shen, Parsons The New School for Design
Aabhira Aditya, Parsons The New School for Design