“Beauty will always enrich people’s lives”

Company Profile
Founded in 1884, Bulgari is the icon of magnificent Italian jewelry. Today it is a global and diversified luxury brand operating in 24 countries through
268 stores.


The case study: Bulgari Daniel Roth and Bulgari Gerald Genta Launch
In 2000, Bulgari acquired Gérald Genta S.A. and Daniel Roth, the Swiss leaders in high-end watch making and in September 2010, Bulgari launched co-branded
high-end and grandes complications watches. The objective of the case study is to propose marketing initiatives for the launch in the US market. In
particular, the key deliverables of the project are (a) defining the brand identity of the new product, (b) profiling the current customers, (c)
delineating an effective communication strategy to deliver the brand identity to the customers target.

The solution: Bulgari Roth and Bulgari Genta – The marriage of craftsmanship and iconic design


The new brands identity
The new Bulgari Roth and Bulgari Genta watches share a strong brand identity: embodying the marriage of craftsmanship and iconic design – combining the
core strengths of the finest Swiss watchmakers with a highly prestigious Italian jeweler. This common idea assumes different nuances for the two brands:
Bulgari Roth is the symbol of craftsmanship and heritage and Bulgari Genta of art and technical innovation.


The new products customers
Beside the current customer base of the three brands, the main target are new customers. These include the creative executive, representing the Bulgari
Genta persona and the elegant businessman, embodying the Bulgari Roth persona.


The new communication strategy
The consumers will be introduced to the story explaining the joining of these great brands: every touch-point on the consumer journey will reinforce the
marriage of craftsmanship and design. For the launch of the watches, the consumers will be invited to a Dinner in the Sky event as well as a launch party
at the Hudson Hotel, whose design draws inspiration from both Genta and Roth personas. They will later participate in the Naples Wine Festival, where they
will receive either a bottle of Bulgari Roth Wine or the Bulgari Genta wine charms, produced using watch parts and designed around the Bulgari persona.
They will eventually visit the store, either to gather more information on the watches or to buy a Bulgari Genta bracelet for their spouses. In the
timepiece lounge, they will try the watches, taste the Bulgari Roth wine, admire the kinetic sculpture in the lounge and in the store window and learn more
about the watches from the watch expert with the support of the iPad application.


The Team
Phillip Bodum, Parsons School of Design
Elise Chen, Parsons School of Design
May Kwong, Columbia Business School
Alex Levin, Parsons School of Design
Dayton Rinks, Parsons School of Design
Anna Sanfilippo, Columbia Business School
Barry Whyte, Columbia Business School
Felicia Zhang , Columbia Business School