Company History
In 1857 Sotirio Boulgaris was born into a family of legendary Greek silversmiths and in 1880 he moved to Rome and began opening a variety of boutique stores. Shortly after, a small family business flourished into an enterprise with stores in St. Moritz, Naples, Bellagio, and Sorrento. BVLGARI was quickly established as an upscale jeweler using gold, silver, and platinum set with brightly colored precious gemstones. Since the mid 1970s BVLGARI has gained international recognition and become a favorite amongst celebrities and royalty around the world. Today BVLGARI is most known for creating luxurious timeless Italian jewelry with daring combinations, bold colors, and precious stones. They have stores in New York, Paris, London, Rome, and Los Angeles.


Case Study Concept
The scope of the project was to perform customer segmentation and develop a loyalty strategy with the purpose of driving business to Bulgari.com. The goals were to understand the attributes important to the internet luxury shopper; the motivations and inspirations that inspire loyalty in the luxury internet shopper; and the services and offerings that would retain and further inspire the luxury shopper.


Design, Business and Marketing Plan Solution
The development of the BVLGARI web strategy included conducting customer surveys and interviews with the BVLGARI sales representatives with the goal of identifying and profiling the online luxury shopper. Major considerations were given to income, gender, education, and internet habits. The results of the customer research led us to create two personas embodying the BVLGARI shopper and developing a short-term and long-term attraction and retention strategy for each persona.


“BVLGARI Traveling Collection” and “B-lounge” launch
One of the main marketing initiatives that the team recommended is the BVLGARI Traveling Collection which showcases vintage jewelry pieces and details the history of Italian and Greek and Roman art at museums and cultural centers throughout cities in the United States. This initiative is expected to reach a relevant demographic in addition to informing the consumer of BVLGARI’s rich history and craftsmanship.

As part of an exclusive social networking feature of the new ecommerce site BVLGARI plans to launch the B-lounge. The B-lounge will serve as an exclusive club for active and loyal BVLGARI customers and offer services such as featuring the early release of new designs.


The BVLGARI Project Team
Mikel Achotegui, Columbia Business School
Sangeeta Abkari, Columbia Business School
Eloisa Allona, Columbia Business School
Christina Black, Columbia Business School
Francesc Minoves, Columbia Business School
Shradha Mehta, Parsons The New School for Design
Nikita Varma, Parsons The New School for Design