Company History
For over a century, Bulgari has been synonymous with the finest Italian style. The Bulgari’s descend from an ancient family of Greek silversmiths. In 1879, Sotirio the founder, immigrated to Italy and in 1905, the first Bulgari store opened in Via Condotti. Bulgari’s outstanding jewels in precious and semi-precious materials, watches, a vast range of leather goods, silver gifts and perfumes are now coveted by a sophisticated clientele in over 150 countries.


Case Study Concept
Bulgari is recognized for its bold and creative jewelry pieces that use the most exquisite precious and semi-precious stones in the world. In an effort to expand into the diamond jewelry market, Bulgari has expanded its diamond product offerings. Students will analyze consumer’s perception of diamond jewelry, competitors’ strategies, and marketplace conditions. Using this information, student will develop and present recommendations as to how Bulgari can strategically position themselves as legitimate players the USA diamond market.


Design, Business and Marketing Plan Solution
Bulgari challenged students to develop an integrated marketing plan to strengthen Bulgari’s diamond presence in the USA market. Having capitalized on a strong bridal business in the Japan and Hawaii markets, Bulgari is focused on further developing this business in the US market.

The Bulgari case team has recommended a “Uniquely You” experience. This experience will focus on superior customer service during the sale – accessible, knowledgeable, helpful, and luxurious. Additionally, Bulgari will help the customer design the ultimate engagement experience tailored specifically to the couple. The ultimate goal for Bulgari, will be to provide a personal touch to make the engagement experience ‘unique to you’, from start to finish.


The Bulgari Project Team
Hee Kang, Columbia Business School
Emily Free, Columbia Business School
Margarita Salvans, Columbia Business School
Rose Choy, Columbia Business School
Oliver Marquis, Columbia Business School