Company History
Bernardaud, the leading manufacturer and exporter of porcelain in France, remains family owned and operated to this day. Since 1863, the insight and techniques for the production of Bernardaud porcelain have been handed down from father to son. Michel Bernardaud is the fifth generation to become the worldwide ambassador of his family brand.


Case Study Concept
By developing hair accessories to accompany its successful porcelain and jewelry lines, Bernardaud would like to expand its appeal to include a younger and hipper clientele. The Bernardaud jewelry line is currently composed of rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants all made of Limoges porcelain. Students must present their accessory designs as well as a marketing plan to launch the new products.


Design, Business and Marketing Plan Solution
Bernardaud is looking to target a younger demographic to introduce their brand early in a young woman’s life so she will think of Bernardaud for her accessory, tableware, bridal registry and gift needs in the future. In response, the Bernardaud project team introduces the Bernardaud girl, Beatrice Maisonrouge – age range of 25-35 years of age, independent, and style-conscious. Her tale is told through the Bernardaud storybook.

The goal of this project was to create several hair accessory designs as well as interesting marketing strategies to increase brand awareness of Bernardaud with the young aspiring luxury customer. With a mix of gallery and club events, partnerships with existing restaurant relationships and unique direct mail pieces, students hope their team can help Bernardaud accomplish this goal. Marketing strategies such as the Bernardaud girl storybook is an opportunity to reach out to this younger demographic and build brand awareness to have them as a returning customer – the Bernardaud girl who will eventually become the Bernardaud bride, and ultimately, a lifetime customer as the Bernardaud hostess.


The Bernardaud Project Team
Liza Forester, Parsons School of Design
Riddhika Jesrani, Parsons School of Design
Shiho Kanada, Columbia Business School
Alissa Livingston, Columbia Business School
Diana Mao, Columbia Business School
Jina Wye, Columbia Business School