LEF Final Presentations

December 7, 2010

Students from the Columbia Business School and Parsons The New School for Design unveiled their own innovative solutions to projects submitted by some of the world’s finest luxury goods companies.

The presentations marked the culmination of a semester-long seminar entitled “Design and Marketing of Luxury Products”, where students interacted with senior executives in order to answer a series of assignments given by this semester's participating companies: Bulgari, Haviland, Hermes, Loro Piana, and Maclaren.

In this course designed by Professor Ketty Maisonrouge, Adjunct Professor at Columbia Business School, and taught alongside Parsons Design and Management faculty, Professors Heico Wesselius and Andrew Robinson, students worked together to create design solutions and marketing models that appeal to today’s consumer and they revealed their visions and answers to the case studies submitted by the companies.

Luxury Education Foundation also announced the recipients of the 2010 LEF Scholarship: Jeffrey Parker and Martin Schleicher from Columbia Business School, and Lauren Burnet and Kathy Gyuhyeon Sow from Parsons The New School for Design. The LEF Scholarships program was established to provide annual scholarships to students at Columbia Business School and Parsons who exhibit an extraordinary level of leadership and innovation in their work, and whose accomplishments are a testament to their commitment and talent in their fields.

Burnet, Parker, Scheiler, and Sow received awards from Lalique, the official award purveyor of The Luxury Education Foundation Scholarship. This year, the recipients will receive Lalique’s annual gift paperweight. Fashioned using Lalique crystal, the paperweight features an etching of the Victoire car mascot, originally designed by Rene Lalique in 1928 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the November 11th 1918 armistice, re-released in 2010 as part of the Hommage a Rene Lalique collection.

The Luxury Education Foundation is a U.S. not-for-profit organization focusing its efforts on educational programs such as the Columbia Business School/Parsons The New School for Design interdisciplinary course. This unique collaborative program fosters a better understanding of the significant role that each field plays in the success of luxury brands.

The Luxury Education Foundation would like to thank all participating companies for their dedication.

Ketty Maisonrouge, LEF President & Columbia Faculty,                          Columbia Vice Dean Amir Ziv shares remarks on
welcomes guests to LEF Final Presentations                                                        the Master Class program

Team Bulgari shares launch ideas for
Bulgari Roth and Bulgari Genta co-branded watches

Team Hermes presents to their recommendations
for a new mobile application

Team Maclaren introduces "Chu Chu",
a new line of strollers for the mass market

Farzad Rastegar, President of Maclaren,
thanks the Team

Team Loro Piana presents a new strategy for expanding
the brand's gift offerings

Michal Saad, LEF alumni and Loro Piana executive,
congratulates the students on their work


Team Haviland shows off porcelain prototype                                  Maz Zouhairi, Lalique president, thanks the Team

Parsons' Dean Joel Towers shares remarks
LEF Chair Barbara Cirkva thanks our participating companies

Maz Zouhairi presents the LEF Scholarship Award to
Lauren Burnet of Parsons
LEF Scholarship recipient Kathy Sow of Parsons

LEF Scholarship recipient Martin Schleicher from CBS' PhD program
LEF Scholarship recipient Jeffrey Parker from CBS' PhD        program

Students meet Dean Towers and other alumni at the champagne reception

Team Hermes with Bob Chavez
Team Maclaren with Farzad Rastegar

Team Haviland with Maz Zouhairi
Team Bulgari with Veronica Trenk